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Around the World T-Shirts & Gifts

Designs inspired by international travel and the differences between the many cultures, countries, attitudes and customs that exist in our world. There are travel-related designs for far-away countries, fun festivals and popular tourist attractions. Here you'll find our great collection of Netherlands t-shirts & souvenirs; Ireland tees & gifts; unique Norway t-shirts & apparel; and much more! Gifts for travelers and geography fans.

International Proverbs
International Proverbs T-Shirts & Gifts (9 designs)
Proverbs in various languages shown with the native language in faded grey with English translation in bold centered black text. Great gifts for anyone of Russian, Bulgarian, Dutch or Spanish heritage. Several different languages and themes available.
Netherlands T-Shirts & Gifts (20 designs)
This is our collection of designs based on The Netherlands, also called Holland and home of the Dutch people. These unique Holland T-Shirts and Dutch souvenirs are a great way to remember your trip to the Netherlands or to show your Dutch pride!
iCountry Spoofs
iCountry Spoofs T-Shirts & Gifts (9 designs)
Funny designs that show different countries in the style of the old iPod ad campaign. Each country is shown in silhouette with the capital denoted with a star.
Barcode Flags
Barcode Flags T-Shirts & Gifts (7 designs)
Flags in a familiar form: the bar code! Barcodes colored like state and county flags. Great designs for anyone who wants to express patriotism or show country or state pride in a unique way.
Free Hugs
Free Hugs T-Shirts & Gifts (10 designs)
What a great campaign - free hugs. Share the love with this international collection of free hugs t-shirts in different world languages. Perfect for your next trip abroad, spread peace and love with these fun free hugs t-shirts.
51 Percent Nationalities
51 Percent Nationalities T-Shirts & Gifts (12 designs)
These funny t-shirt and gift ideas proclaim the owner to be of 51% nationality - which isn't really all that common! If you're just over half Norwegian, Indian, Irish or another nationality, these funny national pride gifts are for you!
Norway Viking Hat Cities
Norway Viking Hat Cities T-Shirts & Gifts (18 designs)
These fun Norway designs all feature an original illustration of a viking hat with a flag of Norway on it. Designs come in full color or in black-and-white line drawing style. Text on most of these designs name various Norwegian cities and make great Norway souvenirs or gift ideas for anyone on Norse descent or heritage!
Uff Da!
Uff Da! T-Shirts & Gifts (6 designs)
Uff Da! is a phrase of Norwegian origin that is frequently uttered in the upper Midwest of the United States. It means "oops" or "oh no". The expression is used by native Norwegian speakers but with a slightly different connotation. These fun Uff Da! t-shirts make great gifts for someone from Norway or of Norse heritage. Just keep your Norwegian jokes to yourself!
Percent Irish
Percent Irish T-Shirts & Gifts (6 designs)
If you're part Irish, you have someone in your background to thank. Show Irish pride and honor your Irish mom, Irish dad, Irish grandfather or Irish grandmother with this fun design. Great Irish pride t-shirts and gifts for anyone with a bit of Irish in their blood.
Indian Cities
Indian Cities T-Shirts & Gifts (25 designs)
These designs are beautiful and stylish starbursts with the word India boldly printed in front. India is shadowed dramatically underneath. These original India starburst designs feature the names of several Indian cities or states, many of them popular tourist or backpacker destinations. You'll find a collection of fine, unique Indian souvenir t-shirts and gifts here!
Sample Product Fun geography gifts and great educational t-shirt gifts for traveling babies and kids! Learn the states with this 'interactive' t-shirt design! Kids, grab a fabric marker and get to work filling in the map on a t-shirt, poster, tote bag, or other great sw...
Sample Product Unique Irish t-shirts and funny Irish drinking beer gifts & souvenirs. Ireland is known for their delicious dark beer. Ireland is THE place for beer-lovers. A great design for anyone that loves Ireland, beer, and especially Irish Beer
Sample Product This is a cute design that shows power sockets from all around the world. Makes a cute gift idea for anyone that loves to travel.
Sample Product We live in a powerful world! Check out these ten different international power sockets. This would make a great gift for world travelers & electricians. And how perfect would this be for a globetrotting electrician?!
Sample Product 20 different world currency symbols are shown in this unique design. A great, practical (!) gift for world travelers, financiers or just anyone who loves money (who doesn't?!). Drop some cash on this!
Sample Product Belgium is for Lovers - Beer Lovers, that is! Belgium is known its great variety of delicious beers. From Sour Ale to Trappist brews and cherry-flavored Kriek, Belgium is certainly THE place for beer-lovers. A great design for Belgian beer fans.
Sample Product Funny I Love Belgium t-shirts and unique Belgium novelties & gift ideas. Belgian fries, called frites or pommes frites, are world-famous. Delicious plain or with any number of tasty sauces, Belgian fries are always a treat! This cute design reads I Heart ...
Sample Product Belgium beer t-shirts and funny Belgian beer lover novelties & gifts. Belgium is known its great variety of delicious beers. From Sour Ale to Trappist brews and cherry-flavored Kriek, Belgium is certainly THE place for beer-lovers. A great design for anyo...
Sample Product Taj Mahal t-shirts & original Taj Mahal apparel and gift ideas. An oval design that reads Taj Mahal Agra. The Taj Mahal is one of the world's most famous and beautiful buildings. A silhouette of the famous monument features in the center of this design fo...
Sample Product Original Egypt t-shirts and fun Egyptian souvenirs & swag. An oval design in sandy desert colors that reads Egypt. A silhouetted camel, the ship of the desert, features in the center of this design. Gifts here for travelers and Egypt lovers!
Sample Product Travel terminology galore! This tag cloud of travel keywords makes a great gift for internet-savvy backpackers or world travelers. Know someone getting ready for a big trip? This travel-themed design on a t-shirt or other swag makes a great gift! For worl...
Sample Product Holi is India’s festival of colors. It is a Hindu festival but is widely celebrated all across India by people of all faiths. The festival marks the beginning of spring time and usually takes place at the end of March or early April, on the full moon of...
Sample Product A retro-looking poster design for Alaska. Text reads Visit Beautiful Alaska, North to the Future. A lovely scene of Alaskan wilderness. A unique gift idea for travelers and Alaska fans.
Sample Product Easter Island t-shirts and original Easter Island design novelties & gifts. Rapa Nui is one of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world. Known as Easter Island and owned by Chile, it is famous for the large stone megalithic statues, called moai. T...
Sample Product Normandy, France gifts and novelty items. Original Normandy souvenirs & apparel. This is a photo of the dramatic coastline of Etretat in Normandy, France. The interesting rock formation is natural and a tourist attraction for the area. A beautiful reminde...
Sample Product Have a nice day, France-style. Classic yellow smiley-face with a common phrase - but with a French twist. Jour, of course, means day in French. Have a nice jour on your next trip to France!
Sample Product Funny Czech t-shirts and original Czech souvenirs & swag. Czech it out design featuring the flag of the Czech Republic. A funny design for anyone that loves the Czech Republic or who has Czech or Czechoslovakian heritage.
Sample Product Evenstad family name gifts and unique Evenstad stree sign novelties & apparel. Evenstad, Norway is a small college town on the Glomma River north of Hamar. This is an image of the marker sign as you enter the town.
Sample Product Unique Tunisia gifts and fun Tunisia souvenirs & swag. This photograph of the Chott el Jerid in Tunisia was taken in 2004. The remarkable huge salt lake goes on for miles. A great souvenir image of an amazing place in beautiful Tunisia.
Sample Product More and more nations in the EU and Europe are adopting anti-smoking laws. Unfortunately some are lagging behind, notably the Netherlands which will only ban smoking in restaurants in 2008. Surprisingly, Germany also lacks comprehensive anti-smoking regul...
Sample Product Fan of the Mouse? Been to the Disney parks in Anaheim, Orlando, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong? Then you probably already have a bunch of souvenirs from the theme parks. But here are some tops you can wear to proudly declare you've been to them all! We've onl...
Sample Product Unique Chicago t-shirts and great Chicago souvenirs & swag! This great patriotic design features the Chicago skyline along with an American flag. The most prominent skyscrapers are recognizable, including Sears Tower. Great for everyone who loves Chi-Town...
Sample Product Each year the people of Ivrea, Italy have one of the world's biggest food fights, with ripe, juicy oranges. If you've been at this citrus extravaganza and survived, this souvenir design is for you.