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Dexter T-Shirts & Gifts

Indulge your bloody side with these original fan-created designs inspired by Showtime's hit series Dexter.

Sample Product Do you like your boys really bad, like Dexter t-shirts & Dexter fan apparel and gifts. Dexter Morgan from Showtime's hit show? You can't deny Dexter's bad - he's a serial killer after all - but he's kind of a hottie, too. This Mrs. Morgan t-shirt is great...
Sample Product I Heart DexterOfficial Dexter from Showtime Fan Merchandise! Show your love for the hit tv show Dexter with this clever design showing a knife through a heart.
Sample Product This fun design for fans of Showtime's popular Dexter series is inspired by video game ratings. Warn those around you that you're a big Dexter fan. Rated D for Dexter fan!
This official fan Dexter design feature a collage of quotes from the hit Showtime series. Dark humor and familiar quotes mix together in this great Dexter design on t-shirts, apparel and gifts.
Do I see sheets of plastic in your future? While Dexter considers his next victim, letters in dripping blood leave no confusion to the meaning in this original official fan-created Dexter design.
Peace Love Dexter t-shirts, apparel and gifts. This official fan-created design features icons for each sentiment. A splatter of blood represents Dexter, naturally!