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Fat Pride Humor T-Shirts & Gifts

There's no shame in being super-sized. Porky people, don't be shy, show off your fat pride with these fat pride t-shirts and other funny fatty swag.

Sample Product "Young man, you're not leaving this table until your finish your dinner!" Waste not, want not. Clean your plate and join the club!
Sample Product A full marathon is 26.2 miles. A half marathon is 13.1. If you're not even that ambitious... If you've always dreamed of running a marathon -- but know that's really not going to happen -- this funny 1.31 euro-style sticker design is for you!
Sample Product A full marathon is 26.2 miles. If you've always dreamed of running a marathon -- but know that's really not going to happen -- this funny 2.62 euro-style sticker design is for you! Funny marathon fat humor gifts. 2.62 marathon stickers and other oval euro...
Sample Product 7 PERCENT FAT FREE - My body is 7% fat free. Yes this means I'm 93% fat. Funny fat joke on fat pride t-shirts and fat pride gifts. Diet and exercise is for skinny people, not fat people. Fat people like to eat.
Sample Product This military-style design reads Over and Out in bold green text. But the fine print between the lines makes this funny design take a totally different meaning! Over Weight and Out of Shape! A hilarious fat pride design that makes a great gift idea!
Sample Product Truer words were never spoken. Why would a food-preparation specialist be skinny, anyway? That's just not right. Never trust a skinny chef!
Sample Product Chunky Dunkers wear it loud and proud! A graphic / text t-shirt for fat pride. Text reads I Don't Skinny Dip I Chunky Dunk. A graphic of a big chunky splash accompanies the text.
Sample Product Don't be shy about your love preference. If you love fat boys, this is for you! After all, fat boys are the most lovable boys of all - there's more of them to love!
Sample Product Who's more huggable than a fat girt? No one, that's who. Share the big love with this great t-shirt design of fat pride: Everyone loves a Fat Girl!
Sample Product FAT IS THE NEW BLACK - Obesity is the way to be. Funny and humorous fat pride saying on t-shirts & gifts. Forget diet and exercise, being fat is where it's at. Simply declare fat is the new black.
Sample Product You don't waste your food, right? That's just a sin. This fun design is a logo for the Clean Plate Club. If you're a charter member of this club, this original design is for you! Leave no crumb behind.
Sample Product Dear Lord, If I can't be skinny, please let all my friends be fat. Funny fat joke on these t-shirts and gifts. You look skinnier when you hang out with your fat friends. Humorous fat joke.
Sample Product I AM NOT OVERWEIGHT. I AM UNDERHEIGHT - Get over the over-weight thing and declare your under-height. I should be nearly eight feet tall, but I'm not overweight. I'm underheight.
Sample Product A WAIST IS A TERRIBLE THING TO MIND - Dieting is hard. Losing those extra pounds through diet? Fit to scale on these overweight t-shirts and gifts. Join the club!
Sample Product I AM ALREADY SUPERSIZED - Do I want fries with that? Look, I'm already supersized. I'm not fat, obese, chubby or chunky. I'm just big boned. Is it time to supersize your t-shirts and gifts?