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Go Back to the Island Lapel Sticker

What's up with Ajira Airlines flight 316? Some passengers ended up in the 1970's, some crashed with the plane in 2007. That's some lousy service. Original LOST fan design based on the flight that brou
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Go Back to the Island
Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Ben and Sayid (and Locke!) (and Lapidus!) returned to the Island on Ajira Airways flight 316. How they achieved this is just one of the great mysteries of ABC's hit series LOST. Some of the passengers ended up back in the 1970's while others crash landed with the plane in the present day (2007). This original LOST fan design is a mashup of the Ajira Airways tiger logo along with text reading "GO BACK to the Island."

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My Other design Is A Wetsuit p Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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