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Dharma Initiative Logo Tote Bag

Pick up your official fan-designed Lost TV Dharma Initiative standard issue cotton canvas tote bag. Great for toting your survival gear when you leave camp.

Our 100% cotton canvas tote bag has plenty of room to carry everything you need when you are on the go. Extra long handles for easy carrying. Take a tote bag on your next shopping trip.
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Dharma Initiative Logo
Pick up official fan-designed Lost TV Dharma Initiative logo gear here. Each Dharma Initiative product is clearly labeled with the familiar octagonal shape and the appropriate item logo within. Descriptive text is also included in the design so there is no doubt as to the nature of your product. If you're on the Island, you need Dharma-labeled t-shirts, Dharma Initiative mugs and drinkware, and other officially Dharma logo gear. Of course, on the Lost Island - that's all there is anyway.
LOST TV Dharma Initiative Logo Tote Bag

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