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Dharma Initiative / Hanso Foundation New Recruit Rectangle Sticker

Go back to 1977 with this original fan-created Dharma Initiative logo New Recruit design. By Lost fans, for Lost fans.

All stickers are printed on 4mil vinyl using water and UV resistant inks meaning no fading in the sun or bleeding in the rain.

Single $10.00
10-Pack $29.50
50-Pack $88.00
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Product Number: 428931212
Dharma Initiative / Hanso Foundation New Recruit
Go back to the Island with this original Lost fan design. Pick up official fan-designed Lost TV Dharma Initiative "New Recruit" 1977 logo gear here. Great for distinguishing new recruits from old hats. Hanso Foundation logo is included within the familiar octogonal Dharma logo as they are the primary sponsor of your stay on The Island. Sport your official Dharma gear and toe the line like everyone else. Wear your New Recruit gear with pride and soon you'll be performing your Island duties with your eyes closed. Lost TV fan t-shirts, Lost hoodies and other great Lost gift ideas for Lost fans.

Available colors

This product is available in the following colors:
White Clear
Dharma Initiative New Recruit Rectangle Sticker

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