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Pieces of the LOST Puzzle Tote Bag

This LOST fan design has puzzle pieces w/ elements from the show: the colossal foot statue; logos for Oceanic, Ajira & Hanso Foundation; a Dharma Initiative symbol; a polar bear; the Black Rock; and T

Our 100% cotton canvas tote bag has plenty of room to carry everything you need when you are on the go. Extra long handles for easy carrying. Take a tote bag on your next shopping trip.
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Pieces of the LOST Puzzle
As the final season of LOST unfolds, fans are wondering which storylines will be resolved and what questions will remain unanswered. Which pieces of the puzzle will come together? This LOST fan design has several puzzle pieces with different mysterious elements from the show, including the colossal foot from the megastatue, logos for airlines Ajira and Oceanic, a Dharma Initiative symbol, a polar bear, the Black Rock, a Hanso Foundation logo, and of course, the numbers. This is a great design for Lost fans!
Lost Puzzle Tote Bag

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